Wayne Marston

The Commons: How much would you pay to send Pamela Wallin to Moose Jaw?

The public audit of the senator’s expenses continues


‘Very, very happy to be home’

Omar Khadr’s lawyer talks to the Canadian Press.

Happy Canada Day

Aaron Wherry on who said what on July 1

The Commons: That familiar refrain

The money may be running out, but Ottawa will never lack for things to shout about


Roll call

Gary Doer, Brian Masse, Ryan Cleary, Wayne Marston, Peter Stoffer and Chris Charlton are staying out of the NDP leadership race.

The Commons: The faint sound of disagreement

The era of decorum achieves total farce

The Commons: Agreeing to, but not with Omar Khadr

Let us debate the colour of the sky in Lawrence Cannon’s world


The Backbench Top Ten

Our weekly, and wholly arbitrary, ranking of the ten most worthy, or at least entertaining, MPs, excluding the Prime Minister, cabinet members and party leaders. A celebration of all that is great and ridiculous about the House of Commons. Last week’s rankings appear in parentheses.

1. Maxime Bernier (3)
He’s made a mystery of himself, which must count for something.
2. Michael Chong (1)
3. Ralph Goodale (4)
Once every five or six weeks, the Liberals come up with a decently damning question—pointed, specific, demonstrating an ability to listen to and comprehend the words that are coming out of the government’s various mouths. Mr. Goodale’s queries on Thursday were as good as they’ve had since Mr. Ignatieff dinged the Prime Minister last month. 
4. Jack Harris (2)
5. Scott Brison (6)
The fight to co-opt Rob Ford’s particular brand of magic has begun.
6. Carolyn Bennett (5)
7. Candice Hoeppner (7)
8. Ken Dryden (10)
Has anyone who picked a fight with the press gallery ever lost? Is there a less sympathetic object of ridicule?
9. Mark Holland (9)
10. Pierre Paquette, Bob Rae, Jean Dorion, Wayne Marston, Johanne Deschamps (tie) (-)
The five MPs willing this week to ask about Omar Khadr.

Previous rankings:

MPs rally around autism

To mark World Autism Awareness Day, Senator Jim Munson (below, right), and several MPs held a reception for the Canadian ASD Alliance, a group representing seven autism organizations.


Lede of the year

David Akin produces an early contender.