Winter snow shovelling

Why it’s snowing in Alberta and boiling hot in Ontario and Quebec

We’ve had extreme differences in weather across the country. Why the difference in conditions?
Snow in Vancouver 20170203

Just how bad is the snow in Vancouver?

In a word: very. Another 10 cm of snow will produce the city’s fifth snowiest year since the 1970s.
Alta Wildfires 20160506

How a weather ’triple whammy’ enabled the Fort McMurray fire

Environment Canada climatologist David Phillips crunched the historical weather data for Fort McMurray and turned up some disturbing trends
Winter wussie. (Photograph by May Truong)

Canada: A nation of winter wusses

Canada used to pride itself on being the land of ice and snow. Now we avoid the outdoors—even when it’s not all that cold.
Hurricane Patricia approches Mexico

’Potentially catastrophic’ hurricane Patricia bears down on Mexico

Yesterday, it was a tropical storm. Today, it’s breaking records.

The next big revolution in science? It’s in weather forecasting.

Space travel and Internet innovation get all the science buzz. But new advances in weather tracking will truly affect us all

Video: Heavy thunderstorms flood Toronto

CityNews: Pools of water disrupt morning commute with crews dispatched to clear roads.
Deep Freeze

Editorial: Damn the polar vortex, full steam ahead!

Governments can’t wipe out winter woes, and shouldn’t have to
APTOPIX Britain Storms

Huge waves pummel shores near U.K. town during storm

Waves in Porthcawl, Wales make for spectacular photos
selfie of cold guy

Cold in central and eastern Canada spark transit woes, selfies

’It’s aboot as cold as it gets, eh?’