Anticipation, not denial, is the first step of winter

It’s followed by despair, sarcasm, and eventually, a lot more despair
hurricane sandy tracking map

What students are talking about today (October 29th edition)

Hurricane Sandy, a masculinities prof & a brawl in Toronto

INTERACTIVE: A weather forecast for the world economy

It’s mostly storm clouds, but there are still a few sunny spots
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Green Christmas

A record number of Canadians will go without snow this holiday
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Heat wave hits central Canada

Heat alerts issued across Ontario this weekend

Baby, it’s awful outside

From the Maritimes to Australia, wild weather is wreaking havoc
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When no one shows

Large classes have the benefit of having so many students that at least a few are bound to show up.
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Lights out in the Maritimes (again)

Fourth major storm hits the region in as many weeks
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Europe snowed in

Airports unable to cope with harsh winter weather