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Two is company. Twenty-two is a ... wedding party?

The trend of bridesmaid inflation at modern-day wedding parties comes with a unique set of challenges

A message from Weddings of Westeros Inc.

Only the official Game of Thrones wedding vendor can make your special day largely non-fatal

Hint: It rhymes with bash

Please come to our wedding: RSVP with cash
Baby’s breath elbows its way into bouquets

Baby’s breath elbows its way into bouquets

Then goes solo and steals the show. The dreaded carnation isn’t far behind, either.
Wed and in the red

Wed and in the red

Qataris are holding back on weddings for savings
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To have and to hold against her will

Illegally kidnapping brides-to-be is becoming more common in Kyrgyzstan
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Gay manners for every occasion

Do you propose with a ring? Is it okay to share clothes? A new etiquette book answers all.