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Jim Flaherty: ‘Do it for your country’

The prepared text of a speech—an interesting, perhaps even charming, and apparently quite personal speech—delivered today by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to students at the University of Western Ontario’s Ivey School of Business.


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Small world

Here, from last week’s edition of the magazine, is a profile of Ray Novak, the Prime Minister’s largely unknown, but decidedly important, right-hand man.


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Young Canadians need sound info to make informed choices about their education


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Ignatieff: ‘No one in their right mind wants to shut off the recovery by raising taxes in any form’


Weekend Viewing: BEST OF THE WEST

Earl Pomerantz’s latest series of “Story of a Writer” posts are about a show he created for Paramount in the 1981-82 season called Best of the West. The story is in four parts: Part A, and Part B, and Part C, and Part D. The show was a comedy set in the Old West, a bit like Evil Roy Slade but less broad, and probably the first ever multi-camera Western comedy. (Except for all those sitcoms that had done episodes where everybody imagines they’re cowboys.)