Wither Westminster: How do you fix a crumbling parliament?

Britain’s parliament building is a mess, and many politicians there wouldn’t have it any other way


Power, Parliament and the Prime Minister

Donner winners Mark Jarvis and Lori Turnbull argue that the Prime Minister has become too powerful.


The system works, apparently

Jim Flaherty extols the virtues of our parliamentary system to an American audience.


The genius of Westminster

Fareed Zakaria wonders if America would be better off with a parliament.


Idea alert

Brian Topp figures it’s time we figure out what the rules of our parliamentary democracy are.


‘The one exception is Canada’

In light of the Australian result, Patrick Dunleavy with the London School of Economics surveys the world’s major Westminster parliaments, the state of governance and the possibility of electoral reform.

Britvote ’10: anyone and anything

It’s almost as if Britain is more afraid of a ‘hanging’ than it is of having Random Niceguy MP take power