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Whitehorse’s historic Martha Black Mayday tree is dying—but its seedlings may help it live on

Hundreds of seedlings from one doomed tree will sprout this year around Whitehorse, keeping the iconic plant’s legacy alive

How a relative at MMIW copes: fishing, curling and a pet dog

The inquiry’s first witness offers a wrenching look inside the lives of those left behind, and shares the secrets of how she keeps going

The MMIW inquiry comes out in the open—literally

By design and benign fortune, organizers in Whitehorse have created an ’organic and authentic’ space for inquiry participants
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The numbers behind the Yukon earthquake

Just how common are earthquakes like the one that shook the border between B.C. and Yukon?

12 songs that captivated campuses in 2012

Japandroids, Hollerado, Rah Rah, Topanga & more
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Cold city. Hot market.

New construction has virtually stopped in Whitehorse, leading to a spike in house prices
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Northern blight

Canada’s real violent-crime hot spot is three tiny cities in the north