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Bombardier’s trade dispute with Boeing, explained with toy planes

The U.S. slapped Bombardier with a 300 per cent tariff on its new line of commercial jets. Here’s why subsidies from Canadian governments are to blame.
Bombardier workers look at the CS300 aircraft after it was unveiled at a news conference at its assembly facility in Mirabel, Quebec

Trump was looking for a trade war. Now he has one.

Economic historians have a term for this sort of behaviour: beggar-thy-neighbour. It usually makes things worse.
Chrysler To Repay $7.53 Billion In Government Loans By June

America is making country of origin rules a NAFTA priority. Look out, Canada.

Why Canada’s global sales pitch as a simpler avenue to U.S. consumers may bother the Trump administration
Donald Trump at Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wisconsin

It’s Canada’s turn to get blasted by Trump

As NAFTA negotiations approach, Trump says Canada has ’outsmarted’ the U.S. for years
Donald Trump

Trump signals broader renegotiation of NAFTA

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says NAFTA does not properly address lumber and dairy
Barton NAFTA2

Trump’s NAFTA point man frustrated by go-slow Congress

Renegotiating NAFTA is key for Trump, but for many in Congress, it was neither a promise nor a priority
Donald Trump

Trump cabinet: Who’s who so far

What we know about Trump’s cabinet picks
Trump Ross Profile

Should Canada worry about Wilbur Ross?

The incoming U.S. commerce secretary has long been a critic of NAFTA