winnipeg jets


What it feels like to be a Winnipeg Jets fan

Winnipeg Jets fans don’t mess around. These hardcore hockey fans finally had a team to cheer for again when the NHL franchise was brought to Winnipeg in 2011. You can expect serious team spirit whenever the puck drops at Winnipeg’s MTS Centre.
Kitchener Rangers game

Ontario hockey team sues student newspaper

$1-million suit for alleged defamation
Jesus of the prairies

Comebacks: the Winnipeg Jets

All hail Marc Chipman, or Jesus of the prairies
Chad Kroeger

How Nickelback brings us together

In an era where musical sub-genres breed their own sub-genres, Nickelback are the one band that unites us
The man who never gave up

The man who never gave up on the Winnipeg Jets

Once an equipment manager, Craig Heisinger is now the ‘conscience’ of the reborn jets.
Bad News

Good news, bad news: June 2-9, 2011

A wrongfully convicted woman regains her freedom, while a Boston player gets knocked out of the playoffs by a vicious hit