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Blogging from Bountiful: Winston Blackmore in his own words

“If you are married and minding your own business, looking after your family and the two of you are virtuous people, should some other virtuous woman(I will add who is old enough to make her own choices in life)want to join your family, and all are agreed, then whose business is that.  No one is hurt, no society is hurt,no family is broken, no vows are violated. Celestial implies virtuous.”


From the archives: No Big Love Lost (originally posted 6/25/2007)

Is British Columbia finally ready to take on the polygamists of Bountiful?


Megapundit Extra: What do a backwoods polygamist and an Ontario CabMin have in common?

Over at the National Post‘s Full Comment blog, John Turley-Ewart brings our attention to an intriguing exchange from yesterday’s Question Period at the Ontario Legislature: