Woody Harrelson


The Flat Circle: A True Detective roundtable

Jaime Weinman and Adrian Lee discuss the buzzy HBO series that wraps up its first season Sunday
The real festival stars

The real festival stars

Now that the circus act has left Toronto, our critic picks the films that are bound for glory

Getting too close to Neil Young

’Neil Young Journeys’ is perversely raw and lazy

Opening Weekend: Killer girls in ’Kick-Ass’ and ’Dragon Tattoo’

Punk alert! A new breed femme fatale, and fille fatale, is burning up the screen
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Hollywood’s big on psycho soldiers

Ramrod military men with impulse-control issues may be rare in real life but not onscreen
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Opening Weekend: ’Shutter Island,’ ’Defendor,’ Fish Tank’

Martin Scorsese revels in Gothic horror, while Woody Harrelson plays a superhero as a Canuck loser
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Instead of a year-end list of my own

COLBY COSH dismisses the National Board of Review’s Top 10 Movies of 2009—none of which he’s seen