He rides again

Perhaps for the sake of history, someone with the Liberal research team apparently thought it necessary to record James Bezan’s gun registry video. And so here again, now with the added cache that someone seemingly would rather this not be seen, is Mr. Bezan, atop a horse, explaining the upcoming vote on Bill C-391.


Where’ve you gone Woody?

Alas, it was perhaps too good to last. As of this moment, it appears Mr. Bezan’s video on the gun registry vote has disappeared from YouTube. If anyone somehow made a copy before it was lost, do please share it with the class.


And now a word from James Bezan

Conservative backbencher James Bezan has a horse named Woody. He has a video camera (or at least knows someone who does). And he has some things he would like to say to you about Bill C-391. This is what happens when those three facts are resolved with each other.