1916 series: Lines on a map, and a legacy of unrest

Both sides in the Great War strove to create tensions within their enemies. And Islamic loyalties were a prime target.
Canadian archive photo shows shrapnel bursting over a reserve trench in Canadian lines during the Battle of the Somme

How we remember the Battle of the Somme

The Battle of the Somme’s horrific futility dominates our memories, yet there are aspects of the battle that pointed, however weakly, to how and why the war would finally end
War and Conflict, World War I, 1914-1918, Cameroons-Anglo-French conquest, 1914-1916, Senegalese tirailleurs on the march with their guns

1916 series: What the Great War meant for Africa

For Africa the First World War “was both the culmination of European imperialism and the beginning of its decline."
Q 2700

The forgotten Chinese labourers of the First World War

Vast battalions of Chinese labourers were shipped through Canada to work on the front lines of Europe, many of them to their deaths

’The most fiercely protracted battle this earth had ever seen’

The year 1916 marked the point of no return in the First World War. A look at the titanic French-German struggle at Verdun
Aaron Swartz

The heroism of Al-Khabaz, Swartz & the Maple Spring

Literature and life lessons help to understand activists