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Ozzy Osbourne

Television in 2015: What’s new is old again

Networks, suffering from a lack of confidence, hope to get extra mileage out of creaky hits in 2015
Kazuo Ishiguro

The most anticipated books of 2015

With Ishiguro, Tyler and Franzen back with new fiction, this year will herald the return of the literary heavy hitters
NGC 346 Star Cluster

Blissfully believing in ourselves in 2015

Scott Gilmore on the tough questions we should ask ourselves–but might not get the answers to–in 2015
Mulcair, Harper, Trudeau.(Chris Wattie/Reuters; Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

Election 2015: No easy path to victory

A festival of insurmountable obstacles will greet each party leader in next year’s election

Scott Feschuk’s hottest, most inexplicable tech trends of 2015

If ideas are the juice that powers our economy, wait till you try the mind milk that created these hot technology trends for 2015
Pope Leads A Canonization Ceremony

Pope Francis has an American problem

A U.S. trip will reveal the rift between him and his conservative bishops
U.S. President Obama greets Cuban President Castro at the memorial service for Mandela in Johannesburg

Rethinking Cuba and the U.S. embargo

Washington concedes its Cuba policy has failed, and it finally seems ready to change tack
Thai Currency 445×290

Five things that will shape Canada’s economy in 2014

The country’s fragile recovery extends into 2014

Fawzia Koofi on Afghanistan’s fragile future

The parliamentarian and women’s rights advocate hopes for peaceful elections

What you’ll be watching in 2014

Our professional TV watcher previews the year ahead