Year Ahead 2020


20 people to watch in 2020

The politicians, activists, celebrities, athletes and writers that will make a splash in one way or another in the coming year

Why scientists won’t guess what’s next for Arctic sea ice

Arctic sea-ice melt has led to collapsed hillsides that morph into rivers of mud, and displaced animals in strange places. Can anyone predict what’s next?

Decriminalization is not a radical solution to the opioid crisis. And it would work.

Jane Philpott: If you don’t already know someone who has lost a loved one because of an accidental opioid overdose, it’s only a matter of time until you will

From haircuts to jumpsuits, we’re moving toward gender neutrality

Expect the movement to change the messages we hear, the forms we fill out and the products we buy. But not without pushback.

The left must stand against capitalism. Now.

Andray Domise: People who hold left-leaning ideals have to quit kidding themselves by believing that capitalism exists as a benevolent or even neutral social arrangement

Quantum computing could solve problems we don’t even know we have

After decades of experimentation, billions of dollars in investment across the globe and gut-wrenching uncertainty about whether it was even physically possible, we’ve proven a quantum computer can work

Nostalgia—and the bottom line—drive TVs ’newest’ shows

These days, even new things need to be as old as possible. But there’s a reason for it: mass appeal makes money.

My 2020 prediction: Nothing matters and everything will be okay

Scott Gilmore: There will be relentless news of catastrophes, political scandals, economic woes and social strife. Pay no attention.

Will Penny Oleksiak make history this summer in Tokyo?

The young phenom has a big record in her sights: the most Olympic medals in Canadian history. Her teammates in Tokyo might make the difference.

Three new ’alleged’ sports at Tokyo 2020 vie for a younger audience

Faster, higher, stronger…cooler? Here’s what the youths can look forward to in 2020.