Hello mother, hello father: You could be here at Camp Grenada

Summer camps for adults offer wine tastings, zombie-head tosses and co-ed cabins

World War Z: Brad Pitt vs. the zombie apocalypse

As Brad Pitt races to save the world, the question is: can he save his movie?

Pat Martin questions the government’s zombie preparedness

The second last question from QP this afternoon.


The existential crisis of the opposition MP

Megan Leslie had a dream last night.


U.S. college student admits to cannibalism

Is this the beginning of a Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombie lit: The undead go highbrow

Zombie lit: The undead go highbrow

A new generation of writers puts some pulp into fiction

Students declare “death of affordable transit”

Zombies protest 17 per cent U-Pass increase


‘It is a mythical tree spirit, the true, fragile nature of which only Stephen Harper understands’

Tabatha Southey listens to the Prime Minister, imagines a world in which democracy is an actual threat to the welfare of the nation.

Zombie logic

Ottawa researchers study flesh-eating fiction for answers


Megapundit Extra: Line of the day

…goes to David Menzies over at the National Post Full Comment blog, where he skewers the Toronto District School Board’s impossibly fussbudgety Halloween guidelines—sorry, Black and Orange Day guidelines. One TDSB warning: “The images and icons associated with consumer-oriented Halloween can come into conflict with some students’ and their families’ religious beliefs.”