Karen Hill has read the new Beverly Hills 90210 pilot script (written by Rob Thomas, then rewritten by a new team after he left the project to concentrate on other things) and says it’s good.

Meanwhile, the CW’s track record of trying to get a 90210 news item out every single freakin’ day continues with the big one: Shannen Doherty might be interested in being a part of the new show. I actually think it’s dangerous for a revival to bring in too many people from the original series; the biggest problem the revival faces is that people will compare it unfavourably to their fond memories of the original, and the more original cast members you have, the more unfavourable comparisons there will be. If we see Shannen Doherty on the new 90210 in a small part, we’ll remember all the good stuff — how much fun it was to watch her pouting and shouting on the original series — without having to confront the bad stuff, like how awful the acting and writing could be on the original episodes. One thing this show does not need is to let our nostalgia interfere with our enjoyment of the new version. However, the CW has staked its very survival on this new show, and they seem to feel that the best way to get it off the ground is to plant “breaking” news stories all the time; the return of Doherty or Jennie Garth or even the Peach Pit guy = breaking news. Whether it’s good for the actual show is another question.