A rough opening night for the #BlueJays

A rough opening night for the #BlueJays

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The Toronto Blue Jays opened their 2013 season Tuesday night to much fanfare after a few big names players joined the team over the winter. At one point, a Las Vegas betting company even had the Jays as favourites to win the World Series. Who couldn’t be excited for their home opener against the Cleveland Indians?
OK, @BlueJays. Let’s. Play. Ball. ow.ly/jFwCD #LoveThisTeam #BlueJaysStephen Harper
Canadian PM Stephen Harper establishes new protocol for Blue Jays season opener #LoveThisTeam newswatchcanada.ca pic.twitter.com/miBxpPM2OzNewsWatchCanada.ca
I just want the Jays to beat the snot out of Masterson. Dingers! Stolen bases! Boom! Kapow!Tao of Stieb
Oh Canada! Your Boys of Summer are here! The 2013 #BlueJays season begins #LoveThisTeam #WorldSeriesOrBust http://pic.twitter.com/BiJfj3Ta8DJeff Perera
7:19pm eastern. A new chapter in Blue Jays history begins. #jays http://pic.twitter.com/V9is9AVO01Sid Seixeiro
Must be #BlueJays opening night #Toronto http://pic.twitter.com/GmFECZiYC5Michael Shanks
Let’s Go Blue Jays! We’re watching from the best seats in the house. Literally. #JaysGlobe pic.twitter.com/OuDOuG5DsUEric Alper
Geddy Lee from Rush was out to give the ceremonial first pitch…
Geddy throws a strike for the ceremonial first pitch on Blue Jays opening night! http://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2013/04/02/3567/Geddy-Lee-to-throw-out-the-ceremonial-first-pitch-at-Toronto-Blue-Jays-home-opener-tonight http://pic.twitter.com/igixECT6keRush is a Band
…and on the mound for the Jays was R.A. Dickey, last year’s Cy Young winner with the New York Mets.
@Knuckleball101 : Home opener and Dickey pitching… #iamcomplete @BlueJays @RADickey43 pic.twitter.com/dDohjHJHpPElbowsHigh
ICYMI. Toronto selling knuckle sandwiches in honor of R.A Dickey. #BlueJays http://pic.twitter.com/AEtMNyxnDKDarren Kritzer
Dickey was the biggest offseason signing for Toronto, though some worried if catcher J.P. Arencibia could catch his signature pitch—the knuckleball. As it appeared early on, Arencibia needs to make some adjustments.
Last year in 34 starts, R.A. Dickey’s catchers had 19 passed balls. Two so far tonight.Shi Davidi
Hat trick.Shi Davidi
That’s four times Arencibia hasn’t been able to catch the knuckler, and three passed balls. Adventure!Bruce Arthur
Most passed balls in a game by a catcher, 12. Alex Gardner’s only game back in 1884. Incase you were wondering #bluejaysCheck The Ticker
I hope J.P. Arencibia NEVER catches RA Dickey ever again #BlueJaysDeron Collings
For the record, @jparencibia9 caught 100% more knuckle balls than I ever could. #LoveThisTeam @BlueJaysThomas
The fans were packed in the Rogers Centre and throughout the city, though some were quick to turn to their excitement to frustration as the game went on and Jays trailed early 4-1.
#BlueJays sellout announced at 48,857Shi Davidi
The Blue Jays: What is overrated Alex! Ding ding ding you have answered today’s Daily DoubleBrockOgami
Replacing the turf on Rogers Centre? They should replace ir with paper. Blue Jays looked good on paper this preseason.Andre Wattie
Booing the Jays at this point in the season is the equivalent of booing the band as the lead singer walks out and taps the mic.cathalkelly
A whole lotta bandwagon Blue Jays fans remembering how boring they think baseball is right about nowArden Zwelling
The Price is Right losing horn is on standby for this Blue Jays game…Evan Daum
Not only were the Jays losing, they were hardly even getting on base.
After loading the bases in the third with nobody out, Masterson and #indians pen retired 20 of last 21 #bluejays batters including DP.Richard Griffin
The Jays eventually lost their opener 4-1. While some were obviously disappointed with the early loss after all the expectations, most fans urged others for patience. It is a very long season.
162-0 appears to be not in the cards Blue Jays.Matt Baker
Highlight for the home team on Opening Night? … Probably Geddy Lee. #BlueJaysDavid William Naylor
That mammoth Canadian flag was the best part of the whole damn night. #BlueJaysSimon Houpt
Heartbreak for Jays in season opener. Just devastating. If only there was another game tomorrow, or the day after that, or…#longseasonyallJordanHeath-Rawlings

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