A Terrifying Comparison

Mark Evanier makes an interesting point, and one I hadn’t thought of: Joe Biden does kind of look like McLean Stevenson. And I’m not talking about the McLean Stevenson of M*A*S*H, even, I’m talking about this McLean Stevenson.

At least we have a theme song for the convention. (And yes, I know people no longer call him “Barry”, and furthermore that “Barry” has become a derogatory term of reference on right-wing sites like Free Republic, but I’m just using it here because it rhymes with Larry.)

Well, hello, Barry (hello, Barry)
You always get a crowd and an ovation,
Which proves that you’re unfit to lead your nation,
So what’s necessary is very plain:
A running mate who’s duller than McCain.
(A windbag.)
Hello, Joey (hello, Joey)
You talk and talk and bore your own committee,
Which means Obama now is sitting pretty,
You’re the missing link that he must obtain:
He’s Mr. Smith and you’re his Joseph Paine.
You’ll put him back on track,
‘Cause just like Johnny Mac,
You are white and old and possibly insane.
Hello, Barry (hello, Barry)
Hello, Joey (hello, Joey)
Well, hello, Barry.

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