A year of celebration and sorrow for the Dutch royals

There are times when the written word doesn’t do justice to a story. It usually comes in the midst of disasters, triumphs or sorrow. In April the Dutch royal family celebrated the transfer of the throne from Queen Beatrix to her eldest son, Willem.

Today, they buried Prince Friso, brother of King Willem, who died on Aug 12, age 44. He’d suffered massive brain damage after being caught in an avalanche while skiing in 2012 and never recovered. As he’d given up his rights to the throne to marry his wife, Mabel, (their dramatic story is here) the funeral was private with just a few members of the media supplying pictures for the rest of the world’s press. He’s survived by his wife and two daughters, Luana, 8, and Zaria, 7, who headed the funeral procession.

Here is a picture of Willem and Queen Máxima leaving the service with their three daughters.