Another Celebrity Death... A Delicious One

Oscar Mayer is dead at the age of 95. Not the hot dog company, the actual Oscar Mayer who founded the company.

I’m trying to figure out who animated this commercial. I will note, though, that animated commercials in the ’60s were rather charmingly low-tech — better-animated than full-length TV shows, but not ostentatiously better, and often using minimal music and sound effects, non-professional voice actors, and very simple backgrounds.

Note also the basically fascist nature of kids in most animated commercials. Freddie, the the one kid who dares to have an independent thought (that he doesn’t want to be an Oscar Mayer wiener because he doesn’t feel like getting eaten) is caught, forced to march with the others, and punished for his thought crimes. These kids are not quite as evil as those in the Trix commercials, but they’re pretty bad.

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