Another Commercial I Grew Up On

Anybody remember this commercial? I remember seeing it in the early ’80s, but apparently it had been running since the late ’70s. It’s another reminder of how low-tech commercials used to be in terms of filmmaking. Many commercials tended to be shot like a scene in a movie, with some care taken over the lighting and editing, but without any attempt to amp up the pace or bombard the senses. Now even commercials that do have a story or characters tend to have much more in the way of spectacular effects or stunts — they’re trying to be a movie in themselves, rather than one scene in a movie.

Anyway, what struck me about this commercial at the time was that there was this college student (albeit a very elderly one) who spent his time sitting in his dorm room alone, calling his mother all the time, and reading pages and pages about the contents of Dristan. And he’s listening to crappy generic music. I cannot think of a better advertisement against going to college.


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