Apocalypse viewing pleasure

In honour of tomorrow’s end of the world, here again is one of only two cartoons that is appropriate viewing for both the Christmas season and the Apocalypse season. The other is the same cartoon’s 1955 nuclear-powered remake, “Good Will to Men.” But that one doesn’t have Mel Blanc doing the voice, and I think we can agree that any interpretation of the Mayan calendar includes the prediction that the world would end with Mel Blanc’s voice ringing in our ears.

Apart from the Mayans, the most significant prophecy of the apocalypse came from the prophet Steve Gerber, who predicted that the world would be wiped out in 1994 when a runaway planet unleashed cosmic destruction. Was Gerber simply off by a few years? We’ll see. But I don’t really want to live in a world where we all have to learn to ride horses again.

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