Rick Salutin doesn’t often get a fact wrong. (His interpretations can be debatable, although he’d be surprised how often this corner agrees with him.) But when Rick wrote, “Back in 1995, [Tim Russert] made a guest appearance as himself on an NBC cop show, Homicide, for which they wrote in a ‘cousin’ of his named Lt. Russert – as if he needed some extra promo,” it’s almost exactly backward. The Megan Russert character was long-standing, and the character who got written in was this broadcaster fellow “Tim Russert.” And of course, he didn’t need extra promo: the show did. It always did. It was finally cancelled, unloved except by six or eight regular viewers.

Anyway, here’s the clip. It features “Cameo Acting,” the worst form of acting known to man. Fortunately Tim Russert had other skills.


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