Band of Brothers, Marching Together

By request (yes, really), here are some resources for Rocket Robin Hood material online. It’s amazing how many people can sing the theme song(s) or quote lines from those filler character-backstory clips that were shown as filler in every episode. (The animation studio only produced 17 minutes of animation per episode, leaving the rest to be padded out with those “vignettes.”)

This YouTube channel has the various vignettes, intros and songs (I always liked the internal rhyme in “Send a joyous SHOUT through-OUT the land,” myself), and

This DailyMotion channel collects some 17-minute episodes without any of the filler, though that may be a mistake. The filler was the best part.

The most interesting thing about all those Krantz animation shows, apart from the CanCon aspect, was that the theme songs were actually pretty good and well-written. (Even the infamous Hulk theme song was pretty clever, just totally inappropriate for the character.) I’ve always wondered who they had writing those things, except for the Spider-Man theme, whose words were credited to a veteran Oscar-winning lyricist named Paul Francis Webster.