Bev Oda stops off for a bite to eat on the way home

McDonald’s clerk: Would you like fries with that, ma’am?

/ John Baird bursts through the door


Baird: The minister has been very clear that she made the decision NOT to have fries. This is the kind of responsibility that ministers are expected to exercise at every meal, and the minister has made the decision. The minister made the right decision. She made the correct decision. I believe she made the courageous decision and did the right thing.

Oda: But I’m actually kind of hungry and–

/ Rona Ambrose steps in front of Oda.

Baird: The minister was very clear that she, and she alone, made the decision not to have fries. The minister made the decision to focus on her Filet o’ Fish and her medium Sprite. She made the right decision. She has always been very clear. She said it before. She repeated it again. The minister has done an outstanding job of ordering. Only in our country would a minister face questions about making the clear decision NOT to have fries with that.

Oda: So, so hungry…

McDonald’s clerk: Um, I think she wants some fries.

Baird: The McDonald’s clerk can form his own opinions about what the minister should order, but he does not have the right to decide what the facts of the order are. The minister – and the minister alone – decided not to have fries with that. That was her decision and it remains her decision. McDonald’s is awfully lucky to have her. She should be applauded.

/ Oda licks the fry salt off a used plastic tray

McDonald’s clerk: Is that for here or to go?

Baird: The minister rejects the premise of the question.