Caption Challenge Vol. 2, No. 6: Vote Now

RESULT: A runaway victory and a second win overall for Sean, putting himself in contention for the All-Pro Captioneer Bowl, which doesn’t exist but maybe one day might. Prizery headed your way soon, Sean.

This week’s challenge attracted some solid entries, which is better than I expected because let’s face it: Jim Flaherty isn’t the easiest politician in the world to make fun of. He has no discernible personality traits to exaggerate. He’s neither good at his job nor terrible at his job. He didn’t get any credit in times of surplus and he doesn’t get any blame now that we’ve got deficit out the wazoo (sorry for using such complex economic terminology). He’s a fiscal avatar that’s driven by Stephen Harper, except he doesn’t even get the thrill of being blue, 10-feet tall and prone to hackneyed dialogue.

So kudos on a job well done. Here’s the list of finalists, which features some familiar names (one of whom becomes the first to have two entries make the cut):

  • In a brief moment of escapism, Flaherty fantasizes that he’s the PM consulting with a minister. – Sean
  • “To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs.” ~ Aldous Huxley – Jolyon
  • “Okay boy! That’s enough of sniffing my lucky charms.” – Sean
  • Little did Flaherty know that having already turned on his owner, Kyoto’s taste for parliamentarian flesh was growing by the minute… – Mike T.
  • It is so cute how Flaherty has taken Pierre Poilievre under his wing. – officerfarva

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