Caption challenge: and the winner is

The entries were more peculiar funny than ha-ha funny

UPDATE: In a close race, it’s danby that emerges victorious. Do I have your email address, danby? I think I do. But if I don’t, please send it to me at [email protected]. And congratulations. (Meanwhile, I’m usually not one who respects the views of others – or the terms of most restraining orders – but I too have been growing a tad weary of the challenges. I think we’ll suspend them, at least for now, as a weekly feature – and hold the occasional challenge as the mood suits and hilarious photography allows.)

I wouldn’t call this our most successful caption challenge ever.  We had some funny-peculiar entries but not a lot of funny-ha-ha entries. I’ve narrowed it down to three finalists. Vote for your favourite – the winner gets an gift certificate, just in time for today’s release of White Stripes’ Under Great White Northern Lights, which isn’t something you have to use the gift certificate to buy but is probably something you should use the gift certificate to buy.


  • “You wanna go? I’m right here Helen Thomas” – WDM
  • “Now again this doesn’t mean we think Canadians are more respected than Americans over there” reiterated Press Secretary Gibbs as he modeled the outfits for US government officials travelling to the Middle East. – Markd428
  • C’mon Ladies – I’m ready to make love in a canoe – danby

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