cbc = dumb-dumb dumb-dumb dumb DUMBdumb

Can this really be true? Can the CBC really be dropping the theme song to Hockey Night in Canada? The song that connects generations of hockey-loving Canadians… the song that has for decades been sung, howled, screeched and otherwise emitted by kids playing hockey on rinks, ponds and roads… the only song I know to which I don’t embarrass myself by getting the lyrics wrong.

Here’s the only good thing about this decision:

Anyone stupid enough to make it must possess such a terrible sense of judgment that he or she is guaranteed to commission for us, as a replacement, the single worst and most inadvertently entertaining sports theme song in the history of the world.

Personally, I don’t see how it can’t involve Bryan Adams. It’ll involve Bryan Adams and he’ll sing something like…

Hockey night!
Hockey night is time for hockey!
Hockey in Canada!
At niiiiiiiiiiiight!

Pucks and sticks
Sticks and pucks (and also pads!!)
Hockey is great!!
Whoa-oh-oh yeah!

It’s either that or, given CBC’s apparent level of respect for its own broadcasting history, maybe they’ll just go take a leak on the grave of Foster Hewitt and use that as their new theme song.

I give it 18 hours, tops, before the network backtracks, changes its mind and then tries to pretend it never actually made the decision in the first place.

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