Connie Booth Re-Emerges (As a Talking Head Anyway)

The BBC’s upcoming re-re-release of its cash cow Fawlty Towers has one promise somewhere in their blurb about new special features:

There are new interviews from when the cast got together last spring, including the first time Cleese’s co-writer and former wife, Connie Booth, has spoken on the record about the series.

The interviews were done for a two-part British TV special called “Fawlty Towers Re-Opened,” They were  Booth’s first interviews about the show since she retired from acting; in 2007, she said a few things about her refusal to take part in an earlier Fawlty reunion, but all actual quotes about the writing and production of the show came from other people, mostly Cleese. The special, which is available on YouTube in 11 parts, doesn’t offer a ton of insight, but at least allows us to learn more about her part in the creation and writing of the series; because she retired early, and because her only writing credits are in collaboration with her then-husband Cleese (plus, because she wrote herself the least-flashy part on the show), her contribution hasn’t always been as clear as it might be, and it’s maybe a little bit clearer now.


Cleese has also recorded commentaries for the 12 episodes, and it doesn’t say whether Booth will be involved in any of them; probably not.

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