Disturbing Christmas Cartoons: “Peace On Earth” and “Good Will To Men”

One of the most famous and most disturbing Christmas cartoons ever made is Hugh Harman’s 1939 MGM film “Peace On Earth,” which was nominated for the Academy Award and is sometimes thought to have been nominated for the Nobel Prize as well. From the point of view of happy furry singing talking cute cartoony animals, this cartoon tells the story of how the human race was wiped out through war, and how the earth was repopulated by cute animals who understand the true meaning of Christmas. You won’t get that from Rankin-Bass specials.


In 1955, Hanna and Barbera (who were running the MGM cartoon studio in the last years of its existence) remade this cartoon as “Good Will To Men,” with widescreen, a  ’50s look for the characters and more up-to-date implements of destruction, but otherwise very similar.


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