DOLLHOUSE Warning Signs, Book VI

I’ve noticed that I do too many posts fretting that some genre show may be in trouble (be it Pushing Daisies or Cupid or Dollhouse), and I’ll try to put a limit on those, because I don’t want to be a Nattering Nabob of Negativism (™Spiro Agnew). Still, I had to say something about the news that Dollhouse will be airing on Friday nights, aka The Death Slot. So far we’ve heard that the show replaced its pilot with a different episode, shut down production for a while to fix script problems, and now it’s going to be airing on Friday nights as a companion piece to a sci-fi genre show that isn’t doing so great. None of this means it won’t be a success, but even Firefly didn’t have this many warning signs going off before it premiered.


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