Emmys? Oscars? Geminis? Phooey. The award I look forward to is the Environmental Media Award for best use of environmental themes in TV and film. Why? Because every year they pick at least one TV episode that is actually making fun of environmental awareness and the very idea that TV shows should make us want to save the environment. This year 30 Rock won for its “Greenzo” episode — an episode whose theme is that environmentally-conscious TV is just a way for hypocritical super-polluting corporations to cash in on this whole green fad. So, to review, the Environmental Media Association has given an award to a TV episode that told the world that its whole mission is just a big scam.

A few years earlier they gave an award to a King of the Hill episode where Bobby gets a teacher who brainwashes his students into becoming fanatical green types. The episode’s message, as always with KotH, is that environmentalism is a useless obsession that hippie liberals have cooked up to annoy people like Hank Hill. So of course it got an award for “linking the power of celebrity to environmental awareness.” You go, EMA!

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