He Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

Just a bit of frivolity after a weekend where most of the news was anything but frivolous: someone compiled a collection of scenes where Bugs Bunny dresses in drag.

The clips are only taken from the cartoons available on the DVD Golden Collections, so it omits such not-on-DVD masquerades as his appearance as a Geisha girl, or the Tasmanian She-Devil. But you get the idea.

Embedding doesn’t work for the video, but it can be viewed at this link.

I think my favourite of all the Bugs Bunny drag acts is the bobby-soxer fan in “Long-Haired Hare,” just because it’s a change of pace: for once the purpose is not to make the villain attracted to him but to pose as the sort of girl who would have a non-sexual crush on the villain. Though the outcome — a massive explosion — is the same either way.

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