Heather Thomas Is All Right

’80s sex symbol Heather Thomas — often, as she herself admits, confused with Heather Locklear — has an entertaining interview with Radar Online about her new book.

I always liked her on The Fall Guy, and not just for the obvious reasons; she always seemed too funny and likeable for the stuff she was given to do, especially compared to the wooden, dare I say, bionic Lee Majors. (The Fall Guy itself is probably the most entertaining of all the stupid ’80s action shows, a totally mindless combination of stunt work, T&A, redneck humour and the studio glamour of the old 20th-Century Fox lot where it was shot. Too bad only the first season was released on DVD.) She had a cocaine problem that derailed her acting career in the mid-’80s when she had to go into rehab, and then she got into screenwriting and sold some scripts to Disney that got trapped in Development Hell. Today she comes off as one of those amusing, sharp-tongued B-list celebrities who in the past would have been a mainstay on talk shows and panel game shows. I mean that as a compliment.

And did I mention that The Fall Guy is one of the most popular shows in Germany?


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