Help, I’m Being Held Prisoner in a Suggestion Box

I just thought I’d use a post as a sort of Open Thread™ to ask readers what they’d like to see at this blog. Now that we’ve got comments here, and this blog is therefore a real blog at last, I’d be interested to know if anyone has any thoughts on what kind of posts I should be doing more of. More links to TV news items? More inside-baseball stuff like the “Better Know a Writing Staff” posts? (Well, they’re not inside baseball, more like an outsider’s take on inside baseball… outside baseball?) More episode reviews? More DVD reviews? More pointers to great posts on other TV-related blogs? More insane arguments about how Hogan’s Heroes was better than M*A*S*H? No, wait, you’re going to get the insane arguments whether you ask for them or not. But any thoughts are appreciated.

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