He's Fightin' and Smitin' With Repulsor Rays

That Hulk theme wasn’t the only 20-second theme song written for cheaply-animated Marvel adaptations in the ’60s. The same company did an anthology show called The Marvel Superheroes, featuring some of the Marvel characters who weren’t as big as Hulk or Spider-Man, and each segment had its own theme song. An instrumental version of the “Iron Man” song can be heard briefly in the recent movie.

There’s something about the style of this song, though… the breathy-voiced singer, the where-the-hell-is-that high note she hits at the end… it’s a style that sounds very familiar and very ’60s, but I’m not sure where I’ve heard this kind of thing before. Anybody remember any actual, non-Marvel songs from the ’60s that are sung like this?

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