“He’s Obsessed With Breasts. That’s Hard to Say.”

The Cracked.com lists can be hit and miss, but their list of “The Six Most Gratuitously Cleavaged Women on TV” is amusing. Of course the list includes Khandi Alexander, most famous for leaving two shows after getting nothing to do for years (first NewsRadio, now CSI), but second-most famous for having her characters wear costumes that would get her fired from most real jobs.

Someone who knows more than I of the Boob Tube™ might chart the history of television cleavage, and the paradoxical way that it increases, rather than decreases, in times of increased TV censorship. The theory, I think, being that the FCC is going to slap fines on any Friends-style nipple incidents, so the producers might as well go with the minimum non-fineable amount of neckline. But, again, others know way more about this stuff than I do, and I don’t say that with pride. I think this is on the top of the list of things that every TV journalist should be an expert on.

(Subject heading courtesy of Elaine on Seinfeld. And on a tangential Elaine-related note, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s show has just been picked up for another full season.)

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