How Many Of These Do You Remember?

I found this video, by the Angry Video Game Nerd, a few days ago: “The Top 20 Urkel Moments.” I’m surprised and not a little relieved at how few of these moments I remember. I recall the Urkel Dance, and Stefan, but “Super Urkel vs. Abe Lincoln” is entirely new to me. That means I did have a life in the ’90s and just didn’t realize it.

BILL: …So then Urkel decided to send the Urkelbot to the job interview instead of going himself.
FRED: Why?
BILL: I don’t know why. I guess because it would allow a mix-up to occur that we, the viewer, would find amusing.
FRED: Was it amusing?
BILL: Not really.
FRED: Then I must ask you again. Why did he send the Urkelbot?
BILL: Because he didn’t think he was good enough to get the job. But when the Urkelbot broke down and Urkel had to explain himself, the man was so impressed by his honesty that he got the job. The end.
FRED: That was beautiful, Mike.  — Newsradio


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