Ignatieff: No. 1 with a bullet

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track so…

Top 10 Conservative Talking Points

For the Week Ending Oct. 15, 2010

LW      TW      Spin

–            1            Ignatieff to blame for Security Council defeat, dinner being ruined, everything else ever.

1            2            The coalition? The future’s greatest monster.

5            3            Michael Ignatieff. Not a Canadian. Not a leader. Needlessly tall in a showoffy kind of way.

6            4            Tim Horton’s.

2            5            Census changes make sense to anyone with half a brain (especially those w/ exactly half).

4           6            We said: TIM HORTON’S.

3            7            Opposition politicians hate our troops, values, national colour scheme and puppies.

9            8            Biggest deficit ever somehow a good thing apparently.

7            9            Harper playing chess while everyone else plays checkers, thus explaining his lack of friends.

10            10        Liberals had 13 years to stop us from spending five years of government blaming them for absolutely everything… and they didn’t get it done.

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