It Was the Best Ebay Auction Ever, And They Would Have Shipped To Canada

After the recent talk of Texas secession, someone had the smart idea of putting the state up for auction on Ebay. (“Shipping to Canada? Yes!”)

The great state of Texas is for sale.  All proceeds will go towards paying off the national debt of the United States of America.  Must sell before she secedes!   You’ll receive the whole state including all sports teams.  Historic sites include the Alamo, Lyndon Johnson’s boyhood home, Bishop’s Palace, and so many more.  Think of the income opportunities.  The state is also plentiful in both hunting and fishing sites. As an added benefit you can make all your friends real, Texas Rangers.  How about that!

Ebay has taken this listing down, but the bidding had already gone up to $99 million US (which at the moment isn’t that different from $99 million Canadian) before it was pulled. Here’s a link to the Google Cache of the auction listing.

To move the conversation back to home ground, I’m not sure which Canadian province is the likeliest candidate to be sold on Ebay; I suppose Alberta would fetch the highest price, though you can’t rule out PEI as an underdog: with relatively low shipping costs and high nostalgia factor, it could spark a bidding war among collectors of Anne of Green Gables memorabilia. The only province that wouldn’t sell well on Ebay is British Columbia, not because there’s anything wrong with the province but because if the Americans bought it, they wouldn’t be able to save money by filming there.

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