Let the Denver Games Begin!

The Democratic Convention spectacle has just begun. Memo to Republicans: There was a prayer! And the Pledge of Allegiance! And chidren’s chorus is now singing the Star Spangled Banner. From my seat in the Pepsi Center I have a great view of the something-like-20-person live band.


Tonight will be all about showcasing the Obama family — particularly Michelle Obama, who will be portrayed as an American success story who worked her way up from the Chicago’s South Side to Princeton University (where her roommate’s mother demanded a room reassignment) and later to Harvard Law. It’s all about how she’s a successful working Mom and not some radical Black Panther…


The CEO of the convention just described Democrats as “People of enormous faith who summon God into their midst..” I’m sure this is a theme we’ll be hearing a lot all week long.

And BTW, the invocation was given “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” — lest there be any doubt


Wow, only 15 minutes into the official spectacle and we’ve already had chants of “Yes We Can!” It might be a long week.

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