McCain’s new ad...

..is an Obama ad. Washington’s broken and I’m here to fix it. Me from Bizarro world! Me like logic so much, me kill it!


I’M-REALLY-NOT-SURE-WHAT-MY-ARGUMENT-IS-BUT-I-THINK-I’M-ON-TO-SOMETHING UPDATE: So here’s a guy connecting Obama’s appeal to a chocolage-bar advert that is vague, indeed meaningless, but compelling. But isn’t it McCain who’s been getting maximum political mojo out of vague-indeed-meaningless this month? Think about it. I’ve posted a string of McCain ads in the last several days that are highly debatable when they weren’t simply incomprehensible. But they’re fascinating. And while they’ve been running, he’s closed the gap with Obama in national horse-race polls (he’s still in big trouble if you superimpose state polls onto the electoral map).

If I’m the McCain campaign team, I tell myself this weird, Dadaist, LSD-tripping campaign is succeeding very well in producing measurable gains against a formidable opponent.