No Escape From Gen-X TV References

Yesterday, a commenter on this blog denounced references to “crappy 70’s cartoons and even crappier 80’s sitcoms.” And it’s a fair point, I guess; everybody knows that people my age are rootless and rudderless and have no spiritual leaders except Sherman Hemsley. I thought I’d need to do some soul-searching and find out what the hip people are referring to. But that very night, The Daily Show did references to A Different World and The Facts of Life (they did Three’s Company yesterday; Jon even tossed off a “too many sitcom references?” line after the FoL joke fell flat) and then The Colbert Report did this:

Yeah, it’s ’70s, but it ran into the ’80s. My point is, there is no escape from lame sitcom references, not here, not anywhere.

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