Olympic Caption Challenge: Vote Now!

Winner = prize

UPDATE: Mike T. wins – again! Are none of you man or woman enough to stop the Mike T. caption juggernaut?!

Lindsey Vonn and I are very happy together, thanks for asking, but I suppose we should nevertheless get some closure on the Caption Challenge. I’ve selected five finalists. Vote for your favourite. Winner as of 6:30 a.m. Wednesday gets some official Olympic merchandise valued in the ones of dollars.

The finalists:

  • “As. If.” – Quatchi
  • “What I really need is a hug from the Prime Minister of Canada.” – Mike T.
  • “Do you have Aaron Wherry’s phone number?” – Sigh
  • “Don’t I have a restraining order against you?” – Rob
  • “I may have fallen, but at least I don’t have Chris Pronger on my Olympic hockey team.” – WDM

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