Or As I Call It, "Ninety Thousand Two Hundred and Ten"

You notice that practically every day we’ve been getting a different piece of casting news about Rob Thomas’s Beverly Hills 90210 spinoff pilot? Today the news is about Tristan “The Wire” Wilds, who will be the token African-American character. (A role played on the original series by… nobody. The ’90s was a time of white, white shows.) But there’s been casting news all the time — Lori Loughlin, Jessica Walter — all for a pilot that hasn’t even been made, let alone picked up.

I guess the CW must really be depending heavily on this show to save it from doom so much so that they’re trying to create intense buzz around it even before it exists. As in “Look! We’ve got Jesse’s girlfriend from Full House! Watch us!”

Of course, Thomas, who has two other pilots in the works, won’t be heavily involved with the 90210 project. Which probably suits the CW fine, to be honest. Rob Thomas is great, but if you’re desperate to create a big mainstream hit, he’s not the showrunner to give it to you. Not so far anyway.

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