Personal take on the shooting at the US Holocaust Museum

No one knows the identity or motive of the gunman yet who entered the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and opened fire on a security guard, injuring him. Two other security guards shot back. Both the gunman and the security guard were taken to hospital.

Watching the unfolding coverage of the attack on CNN is surreal. My 3-year-old goes to pre-school in the adjacent building. The kids have been in lockdown since the incident and are apparently safe and all accounted for.

Security in the building where our preschool is located is tight. All cars entering the parking lot are swept for explosives, which makes the daily drop-off somewhat slow.  Going in and out of the building, we encounter numerous security guards each day. Most of them are sweet, kind and take an interest in the kids. It was one of these security guards who gave my kid his first candy cane last Christmas. Sometimes, we grouse about the repetitive ID checks; too often we take their work for granted. I certainly won’t after this. I am thinking of them all as we wait to hear the prognosis for the security guard who was shot.

UPDATE: CNN is reporting (but DC officials won’t confirm) that the gunman was an 88-year-old white supremacist named James von Brunn.

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