Politics and the Pen (and the party)

Marcello Di Cintio wins Shaugnessy Cohen Prize at Ottawa gala that draws Ottawa’s A-list

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Politics and the Pen (and the party)

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Where else but Ottawa could journalists and politicians gather together for one big party. The annual Politics and the Pen gala spotlights the country’s best political titles, but has also become one of the biggest social events for people who work on—or write about—Parliament Hill.
Big day, big day! #polipen #writerstrust #cdnpoli http://instagr.am/p/WhOWWkM651/Patrick Kennedy
Big night as @fairmontlaurier prepares to welcome a favourite event Politics and the Pen #polipen. Can’t wait.Château Laurier
The Chateau always looks great before the Politics and the Pen crowd shows up to complicate things. @… http://instagr.am/p/Wh9a2NI-FF/Paul Wells
#polipen menu is served! @fairmontlaurier http://pic.twitter.com/c98DJLVKVDWriters’ Trust
Wednesday night’s gala was co-hosted by Conservative MP John Baird and Mark Carney, who will soon become Governor of the Bank of England (and made a grand entrance to let the people know).
Mark Carney just entered to the Sex Pistols’ Anarchy in the UK. #polipenStuart Henderson
Carney & Baird on stage at Politics and the Pen.Great stand-up routine.Crowd is roaring with laughter. #polipen http://pic.twitter.com/9qs1VJHnwaipoliYOW
John Baird just singled out Conrad Black – "so glad he’s here" – and called him his favourite historian. Crowd demurs. #polipenStuart Henderson
Great joke about HRH Prince Harry and Las Vegas from @HonJohnBaird – Politics and the Pen.Greg MacEachern
At Politics and the Pen, enjoying opening remarks from emcees John Baird, Mark Carney. I want to know who wrote their (really good) jokes.Stephen Maher
It wasn’t just a big party. The main attraction was the $25,000 Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing. The finalists included:
– Taras Grescoe for “Straphanger: Saving Our Cities and Ourselves from the Automobile”
– Noah Richler for “What We Talk About When We Talk About War
– Marcello Di Cintio for “Walls: Travels Along the Barricades”
– Peter F. Trent for “The Merger Delusion: How Swallowing Its Suburbs Made an Even Bigger Mess of Montreal”
– Jeffrey Simpson for “Chronic Condition: Why Canada’s Health-Care System Needs to be Dragged into the 21st Century”

Stay tuned to #polipen this eve for the winner! @SMcAnsh:The prize! Thx @TheHillTimes #Cdnpoli #CanLit http://pic.twitter.com/6YzvdP7D58Writers’ Trust
Politics & the Pen show getting on the road. And get this – not a single Trudeau book shortlisted this year! Yeah. Whoa…Yaroslav Baran
The @writerstrust nominees in the parliamentary library with the speaker @knowwhereyouare @dicintio & @grescoe http://pic.twitter.com/hwPUKp1PCzsarahmac
And the award went to…
And the winner is… Marcello de Cinto’s Walls: Travels Along the Barriades. Congrats! CC @nenshi #polipenAlison Loat
Politics & The Pen winner Marcello Di Cintio with Speaker Andrew Scheer and I earlier today. Big congrats! #yyc #HoC http://pic.twitter.com/szfTRcpoX9Joan Crockatt MP
winner of the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing is Marcello Di Cinto for Walls. #polipen http://pic.twitter.com/Mqx7buqEdpipoliYOW
Congratulations to Marcello Di Cinto for winning the top prize at #polipen for "Wall" – what a fascinating subjectKate Purchase
Even for those who didn’t win, it was still the place to be for political celebrity spotting, as well as big- name journalists.
"Politics and the Pen" finalist (and constituent !) Noah Richler, with Paul Wells – good luck to all tonight !! http://pic.twitter.com/T21t458z7vBob Rae
Lord Conrad Black is in the house for Politics and the Pen. #polipenJason Fekete
Mrs. Sauvé with the charming Rick Mercer at #polipen @fairmontlaurier nice to have you @rickmercer http://pic.twitter.com/ewiZ1B2m3HChâteau Laurier
Peter Harder and @afhimelfarb classing up the joint. #polipen http://pic.twitter.com/2GX89WTGuYPaul Wells
I’m smack in the middle @hopreads: Excited to welcome our guest authors tonight! #polipen http://pic.twitter.com/oEwh292CYeDouglas Hunter
Glam-tastic! #polipen http://pic.twitter.com/asunuFo0ebTom Ryan
Off to @writerstrust gala with @sarahmac, Canada Reads winner Lisa Moore & Walrus’s Shelley Ambrose: who’s a winner? http://pic.twitter.com/fU15zlK6QYNoah Richler
Parliamentarians in the #HoC r all done up to the nines for Politics and The Pen. @MichelleRempel – you could pass for a Bond girl! #MPchicJoan Crockatt MP
WT people all dressed up and checking in #polipen guests! @hopreads @MsRebeccs http://pic.twitter.com/Gbyy1EF2reWriters’ Trust
Some day I should write something about politics. Like in a newspaper. Or a book. That’ll get me invited to Politics and the Pen, right?Dan Gardner
Having a great time at #polipen – met up w my old buddy @MeganLeslieMP !! http://pic.twitter.com/7TDdxMGLXRTom Ryan
Incredible #polipen event. Got to meet my #PoliNerd idol @evansolomoncbc http://pic.twitter.com/IsEeeegYLcMarc Douglas
Look! It’s Lloyd! #polipen http://pic.twitter.com/frcFcuVmksPaul Wells
And the #polipen dinner is underway. http://pic.twitter.com/Yz00x09OsDPaul Wells
@inklesspw and @althiaraj getting photo-bombed by @JustinTrudeau at Politics & the Pen. #lpcldr #cdnpoli http://pic.twitter.com/Ak6LKr9PBFGerald Butts