Preview of Entourage, Season 6

Entourage has been renewed for a sixth season. We will now take bets on whether Vince will be back to his old star status within the next couple of years, or whether his career will end up like Drama’s. It’s actually more realistic for someone whose career collapses to come back as a character actor/supporting actor — people who make movies like Medellin usually have to start over again — but based on the fifth season so far, the writers could go either way with Vince: either continue to have his career go down while other characters’ careers are going better, or return things to the status quo. (Full disclosure: I haven’t yet seen last night’s new episode, which I understand was one of those things that was probably much more fun to shoot than to watch.)

I’m assuming that this is a clip from an upcoming episode about Eric moving further into Ari’s territory.


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