Rumours of Ontario's penury are much exaggerated by my good friend the federal Finance Minister

In the innertubes-only ur-comment section the Globe reserves for the interesting articles it can’t fit onto its real comment page, Ken Boessenkool debunks the nasty, silly idea that Ontario is a drag on the national economy. In fact, growth rates in Ontario have moved closer to the national average in recent years; “Ontario is doing just fine in absolute terms;” “is it really such a bad thing that Ontario is stable”?; Ontario “is, in absolute terms, no worse off”; there is nothing in the recent TD report to “justify the banner headlines suggesting Ontario was somehow in a sorry state”; “Ontario is doing absolutely fine.”

Has anyone told Jim Flaherty?

MAYBE-I-SHOULD-EXPLAIN-THE-JOKEDATE: Wherry worries that you won’t already know that Ken Boessenkool played key roles in the federal Conservative election campaigns of 2004 an 2006 and is, therefore, an important contributing factor to Flaherty’s current status as federal finance minister. Well, now you know.

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